Thursday, January 21, 2010

Modular Mates are on Sale until 2/12!

All Modular Mates
are 40% off till 2/12

Ovals - Squares - Super Ovals - Rectangular all 40% off for individual pieces PLUS
Modular Mate Rectangular Set
$90 Value - Only $54.00

One Touch Reminder Canister Set
$43.50 Value - Only $26.00

Modular Mates Super Oval Pantry Set
$64.50 Value - Only $38.50

Modular Mates Oval Set
$45 Value - Only $27.00

Modular Mates Square Set
$45 Value - Only $27.00

Access Mates Large Container
$33.50 Value - Only $20.00

Cereal Storer
$16 Value - Only $9.50

Spaghetti Dispenser
$10.50 Value - Only $6.25



Need Help? View our MODULAR MATE page for tips, tricks, labels, storage charts and ideas. Contact me for an in home demonstration or Custom Kitchen Consultation. I can help you choose the sizes and qtys you need. Best time of the year to get the SETS and start saving TIME, MONEY, and SPACE!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Tupperware offers...Expire 1/15 at midnight #tupperware


These offers expire on 1/15 at midnight - Buy online now or call your consultant to order

Large Modular Bowl Set
Big space savers

1¼-cup/300 mL Modular Bowl Set
Ideal for toting healthy snacks

Spin 'N Save™ Salad Spinner
Spin, Serve and Save—All In One!

Freezer Mates™ Large 2 Container Set
Reduce grocery waste & save money

Large & Small Spice Shakers Set
Keeps spice nice

Spring Cooking Set
Efficient kitchen helpers

Ice Cream Scoop
Easily cuts through the hardest ice cream.

Large Carry-All® Container
Safe, super-capacity storage

Small Carry-All® Container Set
Versatile storage pair

Keep Tabs™ Containers
Get organized, save space, save time and save money
From $12.00

Sweet Heart Lunch Set
Show someone you care

Modular Mates® Round Gift Set
Maximize shelf space
From $56.00

Cheese Keeper & Jumbo Bread Server Set
Purchase-with-purchase savings

Keepers Set
Fresh, purchase-with-purchase savings

Microwave Cereal Bowls
All-purpose bowls are morning and snack favorites!
Shop Online 24/7

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Canister Set sale

 Orders must be entered by Friday at Midnight by your consultant.

Email me if your interested.

:) Jen

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Gifts for all occasions!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Tupperware Promotions for January

Please read all promotions for this week -  January 2-8

Reminder-  Double Host Credits starting at $250
Ends January 15

January 2- through 8
Host with $450 can purchase Canister set for $10

Now through  January 15
Guests can purchase a 6 pc brush set for $6

Remember you can have a catalog party and qualify to earn these rewards. A TupperConnect/Catalog Party would earn you HUGE rewards. LOTS of FREE Tupperware.

January 2 through  8
Guests can save 50% on canister set- Sale price - $21.75

Email me or check out my website.  

:) Jen

CraftyMomof3- I have done the research for you!
Gifts for all occasions!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Decade of the Party


You’re invited…

…to be part
of the excitement

as we launch the Tupperware Decade of
the Party in 2010. It’s a celebration of the
friendships made and the fun had at
Tupperware parties for 60 years. Be a
guest, host a party, or embrace the
Tupperware Opportunity—it’s your
chance to join the party!

…to be the
Host with the most!

Host one of the 10 biggest qualifying
parties* and you’ll be recognized as a
Top Party Host. Invite everyone to
experience Tupperware® solutions and
place an order. To be eligible, parties
must meet the minimum party sales and
datings level needed to qualify for the
exclusive Host Gift Special.*
Daily Top Party Hosts receive the
TupperWave® Stack Cooker Starter
Set, a over $59 suggested retail value.
With the Starter Set, you can create
delicious, nutritious dishes in mere
minutes, right in the microwave.

…to be a
Top Party Guest!

Up to 10 guests who place the highest
order receive the Large Sports Bottle.
Avoid disposable alternatives and save
money by bringing water from home in
this reusable 25-oz./759 mL bottle. Over
a $13 suggested retail value.

…to continue
the celebration!

There’s no limit to the number of times
you can qualify as a daily Top Party Host.
If you were a guest, you’ll want to host
the next party. Besides being treated like
royalty at your own party, every Host
receives free gifts and exclusive rewards.
Start your own Tupperware business and
discover how to make your dreams come
true. With Tupperware, there’s always
something new happening.
I am also running a New Years special until January 15th and raffle. Click here to view details.

:) Jen

CraftyMomof3- I have done the research for you!
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