Friday, June 26, 2009

Summer is here!

Fresh Strawberry Freezer Jam


5 cups crushed strawberries
2 tsp. Lemon juice
1 pkg. Powdered fruit pectin
7 cups sugar


Mix fruit, lemon juice and pectin in Rock ‘N Serve Large Deep. Cover and microwave on high for 11 min., stir once. Stir in sugar; microwave, uncovered, on high for 10-12 minutes, or until mixture boils hard for at least one minute. Skim off foam. Pour into Freezer Mates Mini 2 containers and freeze for later use.

Preserve Your Summer


Now even more ways to earn FREE Tupperware. See our Host Gift Page for this months Host Specials - then email me to set up your party or ask questions.
Host Gift Page


Pick a Party - Pick a Location - Pick your Rewards

If you don't live in my area(Northern IL) have a catalog party. Send your friends to my site, have them look through the catalogs & flyers and then have them email me their orders. Simple as that.

If you have any questions email me, I can also email you my phone number if you'd like to chat in person!

Also-check out this great new site I found! Send Thank You notes & be green while you are doing it!

Sale at Amy Adele!  This Week Only!

Children's Stationery & Invitations on 100% Recycled Paper
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Monday, June 22, 2009

Brand New! Happy Shopping!

As a busy mom my self I know how hard it is to manage everything. I always seem to have myself going in 50 different directions. With the economy in the state it's in right now, finding the best deal on any product is difficult and since time is a limited commodity in my house, finding that deal is not always easy. I have found those deals for you and put them all in one place. Please check out my new shopping blog. I will update with all the best deals on the web. Please subscribe so you will never miss out! Don't waste your time searching for the next great deal!

Crafty Mom of 3's Shop 'til U Drop!

Here's a peek of the deals that are waiting for you!
20% off at Puritan's Pride. Use code TAP20PT at checkout. Valid 6.21.09 to 6.27.09
This offer can pair with Free Shipping over $50 (no code)

Get 15% off orders at Limoges Enter Code: EMERALD at checkout. Hurry offer expires 6.30.09!

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Friday, June 19, 2009

Limited Time Offer-50% off

> Cooks Maid Gadget
#81953 $7.50 VIEW

> Pour and Store Set
#81949 $19.50 VIEW

> Modular Mates® Square Set #81950 $26.00 VIEW

> Super Cereal Storer
#8952 $9.50 VIEW

Time to Get Organized

SAVE 50%

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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Tupperware Sample Sale

I am having a Tupperware Sample sale. Go to my site CraftyMomof3 and view the catalogs. Everything in the Mid-May flyer is 75% off with free shipping. You just pay the taxes.

I am not going to use my samples from Tupperware for the Mid-May flyer. I get up to 75% off the product because we use them for demos. I didn't do any parties this quarter, so I didn't buy any samples. The deadline to order is June 12th. If you order I will throw in the new flyers dating and thank you gifts-which are cute freezer mates. Happy shopping, there are some really good deals here.

*I can only order one of each thing so get your order in fast!*

Email me with your order.

To view all the products-go to my website and click on Catalogs/Flyers on the left hand side.

Listed is the retail/sample price. Price in bold is what you'd pay.

Here's the list:

*Mid-May Consumer Flyer*
  1. Lemon Thirstquake Tumblers with Whistle sipper straws/ Lemon Print $22 / $8.25
  2. Mini Cake Taker $10 / $6.50
  3. Classic Sheer 2qt Pitcher with tumblers/ Lemon Print $35/ $17.50
  4. 3 Pc. Mixing bowl set $32.50/ $14.50
  5. Barbecue Wonder Tool $45/ $16.88
  6. Vent N Serve Small Round $39.50/$17.63
  7. Outdoor Birthday BBQ set(see flyer in my site) $130/$48.75
  8. TupperLiving paring knives and cutting boards $59/50/$22.13
This is from the Mid-May Host Flyer
  1. Chef Series Poultry Shears $36/$23.40
  2. Thank You Clear Impressions Large Bowl $15/$9.75
  3. Set of 4 serving cups/Toucan Teal $16/$10.40
  4. Picnic Bag & Clear Impressions Pitcher $68/$44.20
  5. Clear Impressions four 12 oz tumblers,2 10.5 cup bowls and 4 outdoor plates $62/$40.30
*Summer Catalog*

  1. Egg tray inserts/Chili(put them in the large coldcut keeper) $9.50/$6.18
  2. Summer Fruit of the Season Tumbler set(have this set & LOVE it) $29.50/$15.93
  3. Burger Press $29.50/$15.93
  4. Citrus Juicer/Lime $9.50/$6.18
  5. Iced Tea Tumblers with Iced tea spoons $24.50/$15.93
  6. BBQ Set $69.50/$45.18
  7. Refridge Set $68/$44.20
  8. Ice Cream Serving Set $64/$41.60
  9. Ice Tea Lovers Set $65/$44.25
  10. Salsa Set $113/$73.45
  11. English Toffee Baking Set $19.50/$9.43
  12. Princess Beverage & Snack set/Tutu seals $15/$9.75
  13. Impressions tublers/new colors $27.50/$17.88
  14. Commuter mug/orange peel/white $19.50/$12.68
  15. Snack cup set/gold $11/$7.15
  16. Serving center set(great for tacos!) $34/$22.10
  17. Large salt/pepper shakers/gold $14.50/$9.43
  18. Impressions 2 qt. pitcher/toucan teal $17/$11.05
  19. Micro cereal bowls/new colors $18/$11.70
  20. Impressions bowl set $32/$20.80
  21. SpongeBob sandwich & snack set $23./$14.95
  22. Micro lunch plates/parrot green $27/$17.55
  23. Impressions 32 cup Bowl/Gold $24.50/$15.93
  24. Chip N Dip/Teal $39.50/$25.68
  25. Freezer square minis $7
The spanish catalog stuff(look on my webpage-bottom of page):

Kids circus set $38/$24.70
Chili Keepers set $16/$9.43
Keepers set $48.50/$31.53

*Mid-June Flyer* Samples

  1. Ice Age Lunch set (includes lunch bag, sandwich keeper & 2 snack cups & spoon $39/$18.75
  2. Ice Age sm.Sports bottle $12/$7.80

I will probably do this again with my June samples if I don't hold any parties.

Again my site is
Thanks for looking.

:) Jen

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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Last Chance!

Last chance to order from the Mid-May Flyer!

Don't miss out on these great deals.

CraftyMomof3 Tupperware

:) Jen

CraftyMomof3- I have done the research for you!
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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Great specials just in time for summer.......

Too many to need to see them for yourself! Great Father's Day gifts.

Get grillin' with Tupperware!

Shop Now

:) Jen

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