Thursday, September 23, 2010

Fiesta of Savings ends tomorrow! Celebrate! Hispanic Heritage Month and 200 years of Mexican Independence!

September 24th, 2010 only
Orders must be submitted by your Consultant by midnight September 24, 2010. 

a) Freezer Mates® Fresh & Pure Ice Trays Set - Seal keeps flavors in and odors out. Now you can add fruit, berries, tea, lemonade or fruit juices to ice cubes. Set of two. $25.50 value.  #89181 ONLY $12.75
b) Lunch Tote Set - Stylish, twin-handle Tote Q features a Velcro closure and includes a handy Sandwich Keeper and 12-oz. Tumbler with virtually liquid-tight, flip-top seal. $25 value.  #89182 ONLY $12.50
c) Microfiber Kitchen Towel Set - Save yourself from the expense of wasteful paper towels. Exceptional absorbency offers easy clean-up. 15 x 25.  Set of two.  $18.50 value.  #89184 ONLY $9.00

d) Picnic Cooler Bag - Insulated, Tupperware-logo Bag is perfect for tailgating or other outdoor fun. Includes convenient shoulder strap.  $50 value.  #89183 ONLY $25.00 
e) CrystalWave® Lunch Set - Take these microwave reheatables to work or school.  Includes 4¼-cup Dish and 2-cup Soup Mug. $27.50 value.  #89185 ONLY $13.50


F) Bicentennial Mugs Collection
- Enjoy a tasty beverage in these collectible mugs. Each is adorned in a unique design and popular Mexican expression.  12-oz. Capacity. Set of eight.  $40 value.  #89177 ONLY $20.00
g) Bicentennial Servalier™ Salad Bowl - Organize, store or serve with this multi-purpose container. Includes quick-as-a-wink, Instant Seal.  17½-cupL capacity. $18 value. #89178 ONLY $9.00

h) Bicentennial Canister Set - Ideal for money-saving bulk storage on your countertop. Includes 19-cup, 13-cup, 8¾-cup and 5½-cup Canisters. $35.50 value.  #89179 ONLY $17.75
i) Bicentennial Serving Set  - Raise a toast to Mexico! Includes four 12-oz. Tumblers and 2-Qt. Pitcher.  $33.50 value.  #89180 ONLY $16.75

Sunday, September 19, 2010


I have updated my Tupperware newsletter page to September and I am just reminding every one that the fiesta of savings ends September 24th. Email me your orders.


PayBox.... a new payment system in early launch. They need people to advertise for them...get them going. They give you $50 in your account and only ask for your email. No risk. Lets Try it. Easy money if the end up being legit.


Monday, September 13, 2010

Enjoy a fiesta of savings at Tupperware until September 24th!

Fiesta Of Savings Header

Freezer Mates® Fresh & Pure Ice Trays Set #89181 $12.75
Lunch Tote Set #89182 $12.50
Microfiber Kitchen Towel Set #89184 $9.00
Picnic Cooler Bag #89183 #25.00
Crystal Wave® Lunch Set #89185 $13.50
Bicentennial Mugs Collection* #89177 $20.00
Bicentennial Servalier™ Salad Bowl* #89178 $9.00
Bicentennial Canister Set* #89179 $17.75
Bicentennial Serving Set* #89180 $16.75
*Artwork not covered by lifetime warranty

Check out the mugs. They are so cute! Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month!

Email me your order