Friday, October 29, 2010

Last Chance to get these nifty Tupperware gadgets for 40%!

I got this from my upline today and thought I would pass it on1 If anyone has an order email me through my contact form.

Baked Alaska

Your mouth will be watering and wanting to get the Whip n Prep for this recipe!

Make brownies in the stack cooker in microwave 2-3 minutes.

Turn out on a oven dish, stone or something that will go in oven

Freeze/mold your ice cream in the jello-mold

When Ice Cream is really frozen again, turn out on your brownie layer.

Beat 4 egg whites in the whip n prep, add some sugar,

I use splenda  (in no time peaks will form).

Spread this over your ice cream and put under broiler till it browns.

Ice cream WILL NOT melt.

This is one more super desert

Have I got you hungry yet?

Remember today is last day for the sale of Whip N Prep for $31.50 tomorrow will be back to price of $52.50

The Whip n Prep, beats 27 times faster than electric mixer, you will be so amazed.
I make whip cream a lot and it is sooooooooooooo good

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Fantastic Online Exclusives at Tupperware

CrystalWave® 11-Pc. Set
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Servalier® 5-Pc. Bowl Set
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On-the-Go Set
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Available online only; Steams flavorful, healthy dishes in under 15 minutes

Online Exclusive: $100 Surprise Pack
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Dining Trays
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Modular Mates® Round 1 Container
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Floresta Serving Collection
Available online only; entertain in style
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Winter Large Stacking Canister Set, Winter Snack Canister
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From $15.50

Fluted Round Magic Baking Form
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Radiance by Tupperware Mini Bowl Set
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Floresta Jumbo Server, Floresta Mega Tortilla Keeper
Available online only; helps you create magical meals
From $29.50 

Dessert Dishes
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Gelatin Mold Set
Available online only; clever dessert maker

Holiday Stencil Set
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Chef Series™ Italian Herb Seasoning
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Go Diego Go!™ Lunch Set
Available online only; Make every meal a Diego Party!

Online Exclusive: Save 50%

Beverage Buddies Set
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Square Stuffables® Set
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Small Duo Bowl Set
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Hamburger Press Set
Online Exclusive: Save 25%

Please visit Online Exclusives section to order.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Chop,whip and spin! **Updated**

Starting Tuesday October 26th and Ending October 30th  29th:

Tupperware® Chop ’N Prep Chef for $$23.50.
Tupperware® Whip ’N Prep Chef for $31.50.
Salsa Set for $75.
Spin ’N Save Salad Spinner for $29.50.

Toys and Products you can trust

Toys and Products You Can Trust

Monday, October 11, 2010

We have a brand new Winter Fundraiser Flyer at Tupperware....

Click here to view our Winter Fundraiser flyer

Fundraisers can not be opened online so email me if you are interested.

Also don't miss out on our great fall sales!

Stacking Canisters FridgeSmart 7-Pc Set Salad
Winter Stacking Canisters and Winter Snack Canister
From $15.50 (VIEW)
FridgeSmart® 7-Pc Set
#81931 $67.00 (VIEW)
Salad on the Go Set
#81933 $19.50 (VIEW)
Winter Tumbler Set



Gift Certificate
Holiday Towel Set
Winter Tumbler Set
#881825 $18.50 (VIEW)
Holiday Kitchen Towel Set
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Modular Bowl Set
Large Modular Bowl Set
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Save 50% when you attend a party! (VIEW)
Tupperware® Chop 'N Prep™ Chef
$39.50 (VIEW)
Eco by Tupperware® Large Eco Water Bottles
$32.00 Set of 3 (VIEW)

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Changes at Enchanted Potions....

We have a brand new site! For right now ordering has changed for a bit so please view here for instructions:

About New EP Site

Thanks and email me any questions.

Stay tuned for some EP posts coming your way as I feature some of our great products.

Fantastic Host Deals at Tupperware


Friday, October 1, 2010

Great Sales at Tupperware. Ends October 8th. Don't miss our surprise packs!

Fall Extravaganza


Surprise Packs (w $25 order) #889195 $40.00
Clear Mates™ 12-Pc Set #89201 $49.00
Cinderella Sandwich Keeper Set* #89202 $8.00
Eco Fashion Bags #89197 $9.00
Fix-N-Mix bowl and Quick Shake #89200 $20.00
2-Qt Beverage Buddy #89199 $10.00
Tupperware Rolling Pin #89196 $9.00
Tupperware Impressions Mini Bowl Set #89198 $18.00
*Artwork not covered by lifetime warranty