Sunday, October 11, 2009

New Gift Sets for the Holidays!

Fondue Time Set
Set Includes:
Fondue For Two with two forks,
two 2-cup Ice Prisms™ Small Bowls with lids,
and a gift box!
Tupperwave® Stack Cooker Starter Set
Set Includes:
Tupperwave® Casserole Cover,
3-qt. Casserole,
cone, seal, 9 recipes,
and a gift box!
Only $59.50

 Kid's Classic Lunch Set
Set Includes:
Lunch Box with Cariolier® handle,
two snack cups,
and Small Square-A-Way
® Container,
and a gift box!

 I had one of these as a kid and absolutely loved it. I am so happy that Tupperware is bringing back some of the classics!
Gift Set For Him
Set Includes:
Quick Shake® Container,
Season-Serve® Container,
Thatsa® Bowl Jr,
and a gift box!
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Refrigerator Storage Set
Save $54.00—$108.00 value
81975  $54.00 VIEW
GREAT  Gift Idea
*FridgeSmart Storage Chart (VIEW)

Shop now for day to day sales up to 70% off. While supplies last and ever changing. You don't want to miss these!

:) Jen

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