Monday, February 22, 2010

Discontinued/reconfigured from Holiday Catalog

Holiday Stacking Canister Set -Seasonal
Holiday Snack Canister -Seasonal
Fall/Winter Fruit of the Season Tumblers -Seasonal
Holiday Microfiber Kitchen Towel Set (G)- Seasonal
Pies to Go Set -Seasonal
Simple PerfectPastry Sheet -Seasonal
Chef SeriesPro 9-Pc. Steak Knife Set -Seasonal
Tupperware® Impressions 32-Cup/7.6 L Bowl -Seasonal
Cupcake Keepers Set -Seasonal
Prep Essentials® Cold Cut Keeper- Reconfiguration
Tupperware® Impressions 16-oz./500 mL Tumblers -Reconfiguration
Serving Center® Set -Reconfiguration
Sipper Seal® Domed Set -Reconfiguration
Bell Tumbler Set -Reconfiguration
Freezer Mates® Complete Set -Reconfiguration
Freezer Mates® Herb Saver Set -Reconfiguration
FridgeSmart® Large -Reconfiguration
FridgeSmart® 3-Pc. Set -Reconfiguration
About the Spring & Summer 2010 Catalog February 27–September 10, 2010
Corkscrew- Reconfiguration
Tea Combo Set with Madagascar Spice Green Tea (G) -Reconfiguration
Tea Combo Set with Darjeeling Black Tea (G) -Reconfiguration
Tea Combo Set with Lemongrass Green Tea (G) -Reconfiguration
Vent ’N Serve9-Pc. Large Set -Reconfiguration
Micro Pitcher Set -New Color
FridgeSmart® Small- New Color
CrystalWave® Soup Mug -New Color
CrystalWave® Lunch’n Dish with Cold Cup- New Color
Sandwich Keeper Set- New Color
Insulated Tumbler with Drip-LessStraw Seal -New Color
Commuter Mug (Q) -New Color
Large Sports Bottle -New Color
Microwave Luncheon Plates- New Color
FridgeSmart® Medium Long -New Color/Label Design
FridgeSmart® Large Round -New Color/Label Design
Tea Infusers- Sales Performance
Chef Series8-Pc. Cookware Collection -Sales Performance
Heat ’N Serve® 6¼ Cup/1.5 L -Sales Performance
Heat ’N Serve® 8¼ Cup/2 L -Sales Performance
Ice PrismsSmall Bowl Set -Sales Performance
Oval Microwave Cooker -Sales Performance
Oval Microwave Cooking Rack -Sales Performance
Vent ’N ServeDivided Dish- Updating Mold
CrystalWave® Divided Dish -Replaced with New Design
Dora the ExplorerMeal & Snack Set -Replaced with New Design
Pick-A-Deli® Round Container -Replaced with New Design
Cereal Storer -Replaced with Different Size
Dessert Blend Gift Set (G) -Catalog Limited Release
Taste Sensations Set (G) -Catalog Limited Release
Tupperware® Teacup, Saucer & Spoon Set -Catalog Limited Release
Tupperware® Sugar & Creamer Set- Catalog Limited Release
Large & Small Spice Shakers Set -Catalog Limited Release
Freezer Mates® Large 2 Container Set -Catalog Limited Release
Complete Salad Set- Catalog Limited Release
Spring Cooking Set -Catalog Limited Release
Fashion Lunch Set (fundraiser item)- Catalog Limited Release
Personal Salt & Pepper Shaker Set (fundraiser item)- Catalog Limited Release

New Products
These products will be added to the basic collection with the start of the Spring & Summer 2010
Product What Makes It New?
Freezer Mates® Complete Set (w/ gift box) New Configuration
FridgeSmart® 4-Pc. Set (w/ gift box) New Configuration
Tupperware® Impressions Serving Set (w gift box) New Configuration
Bell Tumbler Set (includes Sipper SealDomed Set) New Configuration
Complete Feeding Set with Bell Tumblers New Configuration
Chef SeriesPro Starter Set with FREE Domed Cutting Board New Configuration
Simple IndulgenceMadagascar Spice Green Tea (G) New Configuration
Simple IndulgenceLemongrass Green Tea (G) New Configuration
Simple IndulgenceDarjeeling Black Tea (G) New Configuration
Dora the ExplorerMeal & Snack Set (new artwork) New Configuration

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