Monday, April 14, 2008

Creationz by Me has received a face lift!

Step 1 - Choose Your Base

Body Wash - Our new suspension body wash allows colors to be suspended throughout the bottle. This body wash is super thick but still allows for easy mixing. All this plus a great lather!

Body Spray - Our new body spray is just what everyone wants in a perfume, great long lasting scent plus you get to choose what scent you want. Mix and match for a custom scent.

Lotion - Our famous CBM lotion that everyone loves, we haven't changed a thing, except that it comes in a jar. This comes with a spatula to stir in the color and scent!

Salt Soak - We have mixed in Dead Sea salt for a wonderful bath experience. We have included a spatula to stir in your colors and scents.

Directions for creating your "Creationz By Me" products are conveniently attached with an adorable matching hanging tag!
:) Jen

CraftyMomof3- I have done the research for you!

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