Thursday, April 3, 2008

DSL Modems - To Buy or Rent?

A quick informative article written by our own Working MOM aka Kristine Esterly:

If you've ever used or considered using DSL Internet service, you've been faced with the question of whether or not to purchase the modem. Modem rental is usually very inexpensive, around $10.00 per month, but that can add up very quickly. If you're planning to continue using the DSL service for several months or years, your best bet is to buy the modem. Modems generally cost about $70.00 depending on the provider, and you'll probably be charged all of it at once, but it will pay off in the long run. After seven months, if you are renting, you will continue to pay $10.00 per month. That's $120.00 per year! We all have better things to do with our money than paying over and over again for the same modem! In my experience, buying the modem is the cost-effective thing to do.

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